About Me

1982, I was born in Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia. I spent my childhood there, then finally I moved to Bandung in 2000 (where I live now) to study about law in college and learning deeper about music. Beside I work in music world I am a distributor of Tiens Group International and lead thousands distributors as good teamwork in Indonesia and abroad as well. Photography and movie editing is my hobby.


To create a song accompanied by a high quality, original, with wanted composition by a client in a wonderful and comfortable section. Beside doing the project seriously, I appreciate a friendship with client as well and really welcome in collaboration to get the best composition, in order to have a masterpiece.

Who I Work With

√ Artist/Singer
√ Musician
√ Band
√ Recording Studio
√ New Comers
√ Song Writer
√ Music Producer
√ Film Producer

  • Piano/Keyboard 95%
  • Guitar 95%
  • Bass 40%
  • Drum 50%
  • Song Writing 95%
  • Music Composing/Arrangement 95%
  • MIDI 95%
  • Audio Workstation 95%
  • Other Instrument 30%